• COMMUNITY BUSINESS Searching for a Regional Concept

COMMUNITY BUSINESS Searching for a Regional Concept



COMMUNITY BUSINESS Searching for a Regional Concept

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From the Introduction-
"It became clear that the business models that support life are multi­layered in every country, that they differ considerably between the three countries, and that in every country they differ between the cities and the rural areas. Based on these facts, the subject for the comparative study of community businesses as businesses that support the daily lives of people in villages became clearer.
In the case of Japan, community businesses could be understood as small business entities that provide supplementary support for daily life to rural residents, while in the Philippines, they were business entities such as Sari-sari stores that provide supplementary support for daily life in cities and rural villages. In Tanzania, small stores similar to sari-sari stores are called Duka. We found that whereas Duka stores are one of the major commercial sectors in the cities, in rural areas they play a supplementary role to bazaars. Moreover、 in the Philippines, particularly for low-income earners in cities, a type of bazaar known as Tiangge is more important than small general stores such as Sari-sari stores. The discussion revealed that in order to understand community businesses that support people's daily lives, it is necessary not only to compare them with modern medium- and large-scale commercial facilities, but also to understand the details of the bazaars."

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